Sandals in Saint Lucia

So I just realized that I never shared our honeymoon with you guys! Oh the fun we had. 🙂

We actually did not go on our honeymoon immediately after the wedding. We got married September 23, 2011. Since I am a tax accountant, this time was considered my busy season. So we decided to wait until after October 15th to go on our honeymoon. It worked out well considering the prices were cheaper too!

We went to Sandal’s La Toc in St. Lucia for 9 days and 8 nights for our honeymoon. It was spectacular. We scuba dived, ate tons of awesome food, laid out by the pool and drank fruity drinks, walked on the beach,  and even road on a boat through the sunset. You name it, we did it! It was wonderful.

I was so proud of myself because I took tons of pictures. But I won’t share all of them, just a few so you can see just how beautiful the Island of St. Lucia really is:

On our sunset cruise.

During the tour of St. Lucia on a jeep.

Banana Plantation.

The Pitons.

View eating lunch one afternoon.

Sunset during cruise.

More sunset.

Our bus stopped, on the way to the airport traveling home, for the bus driver to show us his home town and this gorgeous view.

The Sandals resort was also very nice. It was very soothing to know that all of your food and drinks were taken care of for the entire trip. We also booked a tour through Sandals and visited several cities on the Island. Every where we went was just breath taking. We also got a couples massage which was actually the first massage for both Eric and I. And something I hope we repeat! 😉

If you ever get the chance to go to St. Lucia, I highly recommend it. 🙂


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