Before Pictures

My fiance and I purchased a house last April. It’s almost been a year since then and the house is still in the process of decorating. Of course, we will have new DIY projects because there is so much that we would like to do to this house like: granite countertops, more hardwood floors, new carpet, darker kitchen cabinets, upand such. The usual concerns when you try to upgrade your house.

For now, we are focused on decorating with what we have. I was going for a vintage Tuscan Italy style if that makes any sense. I love earthtones and I love items that have a story to tell.

The Kitchen:

Originally a plain off white color, I decided to go with green. I love green. It’s very warm and welcoming. Our kitchen opens into the Great Room which is our main entertaining room which I went with a tan. The kitchen has come a long way. New pictures of the progress to come soon.

The Great Room:

Our main hang out area. This room has come a long way since this picture. But originally it was a blue color which was not attactive. I love the brown now. It goes so well with everything. New pictures soon!

Dining Room:

I went with a gray for this room. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I actually like it. It now has a black dining table and buffet that we got from Klaussner furniture and leather parsons chairs from Ikea. This room has a lot more decorating to be done, but I haven’t felt inspired yet.

The Office:

Whent his color originally went on the walls it was Gator Orange. Which is great because my fiance is a huge Florida Gators fan, except, that was not what I was going for. Fortunately, it turned out to be more of a terracota which I love. Out of all the colors, this is my favorite in the house. Still LOTS of decorating to do in this room, but I promise you it’s much cleaner now. 🙂

The Deck:

We have a sunroom which I need to take pictures of (coming soon). But the deck it so huge! We purchased this lovely set from Sears when it was clearance time for outdoor furniture. $300 dollars later, we have a lovely set to adorn our deck. We also purchased a glider and a side table to go along with it outside. I cannot wait for warmer weather to set this set back outside to enjoy.

Well that’s it for now! There is lots and lots more to come. I love decorating our house and now that I am hooked on all these DIY and decorating blogs I have more inspiration to decorate my home!


2 thoughts on “Before Pictures

  1. hey dearie, I definitely love the vintage Tuscan idea: I recommend checking out “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, tho I can’t remember if it was set in Greece or Italy, but its an amazing movie, plus gorgeous Penelope Cruz is in it and the set/scenery may give you good inspiration!

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