This Old Trunk Finds a New Home

I promised some new pictures of our house. More decorating to come but so far I’m really starting to get a hang on our living room. I also have some of the kitchen done, I just need a little bit more organization in the kitchen. My next project is my closet….yet again. So pictures of that to come (possibly this weekend if I get time).

Before                                                                       After

I am planning on purchasing a square mirror to sit on the mantel with more decorative stuff. I’m thinking also of doing a vintage window pane instead of a mirror. We shall see what the outcome is. Also, the curtains are going. I’m thinking green instead. We shall see what is to come of that as well. I love my trunk that we got at the flea market.

Our Lovely Trunk $75                          Pottery Barn Expedition Trunk $1,300

Eric found this trunk at the Pineville Flea Market (I dont know it’s real name). We got it for $75. You can’t beat that considering the one from Pottery Barn that I was drooling over was $1,300. I am actually really glad we got this one because it has a story behind it. The guy we got it from said that it could be well over 80 years old. I daydream thinking about all the places this trunk has probably been. Maybe on a train with a soldier headed to war or a family moving to a new exciting place. And now, it’s home is with me.

My next task is to find a mirror to go above the mantel. I originally wanted a painting but I haven’t had a feeling about any paintings that I’ve seen. And believe me… I’ve seen a lot of paintings. Now I’ve fallen in love with the idea of a mirror and little small vintage window panes to accompany it.

Maybe next time I’ll show you the progress of our dining room. 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Old Trunk Finds a New Home

  1. i ADORE your trunk, Amanda! What a fantastic find! I love how it will add to the decor of your house.. keep up the excellent work, mademoiselle!

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