A Five Year Old’s Dream

The other night I was rummaging through our pantry and found half a box of gourmet chocolate waffle / pancake mix. It was one of those purchases that you make while your on vacation somewhere and think, “wow that sounds fantastic!” Then you get home and realize when am I ever going to eat this??

We had the first serving one morning when once again, I was digging in the pantry in hopes of clearing out old items. So I decided it was finally time to fix the chocolate breakfast delight. I made pancakes and they were delicious.

This time, yet again, I was in clean out mode and noticed the box of mix. Out of all the items in the pantry this one seemed the easiest to make and who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

So I take the mix, some water, and some oil and voila! ready to go into the waffle maker. By the way, I LOVE my waffle maker. Eric bought me one about two christmases ago. He bought it during the Black Friday sales which is the best time to buy kitchen appliances / gadgets. We have gotten so many awesome gadgets at Black Friday sales at unbelievable prices.

Back to the waffles:

Once the mix was made and the waffles were thrown into the waffle maker, I decided that the only way to make these waffles truly complete is to have some homemade whipped cream. Eric and I frequently make homemade ice cream with yet another awesome kitchen appliance. And every time we make ice cream we end up with just a little heavy cream left over. It’s pretty much useless for anything else unless you want to dress up a sauce or something simple. So I decided to make some whipped cream!

I just added the heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar (I think) and thats it! Mix on high and you are set. This is another reason why I love the kitchen aid. We were so lucky that Eric’s mom gave us her old one. It has become one of the joys of my life because how convenient it makes cooking for me. You throw the ingredients in there and let it run, leaving you free to do whatever else you need to do. But I assume that a handmixer would do the trick as well.

The waffle maker did a good job but I dont think the mix was very waffle maker friendly. Our waffle maker makes these huge beligan waffles which are amazing but a lot bigger than your average waffle maker. It makes thick waffles instead of thin ones. I can only eat half of one. The first waffle did not turn out so well. I pretty much had to scrape it off the machine. The second one came out better and me being the loving wife to be that I am, I gave Eric the better looking one.

I think that’s a chef thing. It’s like art, I don’t want to give someone a piece of crappy art. Presentation is just as important as taste for food. I’m learning more and more how to be creative with presentation.

After looking at this waffle I realized it was missing something… fruit! I love fruit with sweets. So I defrosted some blackberries and ta da! a finished product.

Mmmhmm, delicious. 🙂 The dinner for champions… five year old champions that is. This waffle brought me back to being a child and drooling over the chocolate pancake kids selection at IHOP. But this one was wayyy better. 🙂

Bon Appetit!

What crazy things do you fix for dinner?


2 thoughts on “A Five Year Old’s Dream

  1. Amanda, you’re so creative! My mom thinks the same way…presentation is hugely important. It can really make the idea of food TASTE better..sounds crazy, but it’s true. My mom is a huge Food Network junkie but she’s learned so much and tries to pass it on to me all the time, whenever i’m not resisting that is =) those waffles look delish…you will have to teach me how to make that homemade whipped creme, sounds easy though…what speed do you make it in? either way…breakfast for dinner is a staple with me, i love it, and i do it often. I have a sugar free blackberry preserve/syrup that i sometimes throw over my waffles along with fresh blueberries….it’s delicious.

  2. Yum! Your waffles sound good too. When I dont have fruit I use preserves. So much more flavor than just putting butter and syrup on waffles. And it’s healthier! I am a Food Network junkie too. I used almost the highest speed. It need to be decently fast so that it can whip it all together. You can whip egg whites that way too to use in recipes. I think whipped egg whites are the coolest thing. Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

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