Bailey Trademarked?

You are probably wondering… if you noticed at all, that I changed the name of Bailey’s corner of the blog from “Bailey & Co.” to “Bailey Trademarked.” What in the world is “Bailey Trademarked”???

As of two nights ago, Feburary 15, 2011 Bailey put his foot down. He has informed me (through Eric’s impersonation of Bailey’s voice) that he has contacted his agent Steven with no last name about me writing blogs of his life experiences.

Bailey (through Eric) has informed me that he has now trademarked his name and I will now have to pay royalties to him.


At first he wanted money. I told Bailey that if we paid him money then that would mean he would have to start paying up on his rent and food along with medical bills that we pay for him on a regular basis. He didn’t like that idea so he decided to go with a more simple approach: cookies.

So from now on, every time that I post information, videos, and pictures of Bailey, including this current one, I am to compensate him by giving him cookies. I would say that I got the better end of the deal but I’m sure in Bailey’s mind, he was the one who got the best end of the agreement. 🙂 I’m just glad it’s not retroactive. There could be a lot of cookies at stake!

What type of personality does your dog have?


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