What is Summer Without the Beach?

Vacation Part 1: The beach.

We spent our days at Wrightsville Beach and the nights in downtown Wilmington, NC. I think this was my first beach vacation where I actually spent time ON the beach. I know that sounds ludicrous but I’ve always hung out at the pool with the beach in the background.

Part of the reason is that I still freak out about sharks (too much Shark Week) so I was never a big fan about actually getting in the water at the beach. Eric was a big reason why I got in the water, mainly because he forced me. 😉

I only got a few shots of the beach because I am a freak about my camera and worry about messing it up. I need to take a chill pill, I know. But nonetheless here are the pictures I took:

Who doesn’t love the beach? We got two pretty good days and the last day was fairly rainy. I am not surprised though because every vacation it rains. On our engagement pictures, it rained. My bridal portraits, you guessed it… it rained. So if it doesn’t rain on our wedding day, it will be a miracle. Oh well, at least it is good luck!

Where did you go for summer vacay?


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