Quick Glance at Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC

Part 2 of Vacay: Downtown Wilmington

I had actually planned to spend more time in the downtown area instead of the beach. Funny how plans change when you go on vacation and actually get there. We only ventured out to Historic Downtown Wilmington on Thursday and found it to be very vacant. Everything was closed and I’m pretty sure we were just about the only ones walking around.

When my family and I went to Wilmington last year , it was slammed with people. This was probably due to the fact that our visit was on a weekend. Apparently nothing goes on during the week in Wilmington. We did see more people at night and the crowds significantly picked up on Thursday night. I’m pretty sure if we had stayed till Friday it probably would have been more exciting.

I love all these old houses.

The fountain in the middle of the street. We went to a Comedy Club on the last night and they brought up a good point. It’s the most random thing that this fountain is in the middle of an intersection. You have to swerve around it to continue going straight. Kind of unecessary.

A bench that is also in the same intersection as the fountain. Because I guess people like to sit and stare at the fountain. I didn’t take a picture of it, but they had these stone benches at all of the medians of the intersection. One was completely shattered. I assume a car ran into it and I would hate to see what that car looked like.

The Bellamy Mansion.

I love the detail.

The Bellamy Mansion gardens.

I would love if the back of my house looked like this. I love the huge porches.

I couldn’t get over all the moss in the trees. I found it creepy but beautiful at the same time.

The theater which apparently is haunted like everything else in Wilmington, NC. My family and I took the haunted tour when we went to Wilmington, NC and found out all sorts of interesting stories. This place definitely has a lot of history.

We walked around downtown for probably a good two hours and then headed back to the car. We decided not to visit any houses because I had actually visited one last time (The Bellamy Mansion) and it was an empty house with no furniture but they charged at least $10 a person to see it. No thanks. So instead we walked around and took pictures and got ice cream. 🙂

This last picture is for my parents. We were walking in all the little stores in downtown and came across this sight in a local coffee shop. My parents are very outspoken republicans and are also very enthusiastic schnauzer owners (hence why I have a schnauzer of my own!). I found this picture to be hilarious for those two reasons. See Dad, Obama loves schnauzers too! 😉


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