Bon Appetit – Wilmington, NC

Part 3 of Vacay: The Food

I don’t know why my life seems to revolve around food, but for some reason it does. I love good food and drinks. During our vacation I’m pretty sure all that was on my mind was trying as much food as possible. Sorry in advance for the terrible picture quality. We used the iPhone for most of the pictures since they were taken while we were out.

The first day we got there we headed straight to the beach. We stopped at a bar type restaurant called South Beach Grill. I had the Cuban Fish Tacos without the ancho chili.

The food at South Beach Grill was yummy. Eric got a Southwest Quesadilla that looked equally delicious. It was a super messy meal, but as we all know, those are the best kind. The fries tasted like they had been fried in the same grease with fish which made them awesome. The water on the other hand was disgusting. I did not order water in any other restaurant at the beach. You could definitely tell it was beach water. Gross.

That night we went to an Italian restaurant in downtown Wilmington called Fat Tony’s Italian Pub. They were having a special: buy two entrees and receive a free bottle of wine.

I got the “Pasta Tony” that included angel hair pasta, artichokes, mushrooms, ricotta cream sauce and mozzarella cheese. And of course it came with yummy garlic bread. It was such a huge serving. I think I only ate half of it and Eric finished the rest along with his entree.

Eric got the baked ziti that also was to die for. I know for a fact that if we got back to Wilmington, we will be revisiting this restaurant.

After eating dinner we decided to venture out some more and we found a wine bar called The Fortunate Glass. They had a huge selection of wines and exotic beers. They also had a really good system where you could pay $4+ dollars for a “taste” (4 oz) or you could pay $7+ dollars for a glass (8 oz). I decided to “taste” two wines. It was nice to try two kinds instead of just having a huge glass of one. I was already feeling the wine from dinner so I only tried two. 😦

My favorite wine was the Syrah, Cambria “Tepusquet”, Santa Maria Valley, CA with flavors of Cherry cola, mocha, cinnamon and toasty oak with velvety mouth feel. I will definitely be buying a bottle of that wine in the future! The second one I tried was Crianza,Ramon Bilbao, Rioja, Spain with flavors of deep, cherry-red fruit with touches of coconut and licorice. It was okay but maybe that was because I was so blown away with the first wine.

I also wanted to bring to attention their wine menu which was made out of wine cork material. It’s the small things in life that facinate me. 🙂

The next day at the beach we at at Tower 7: Baja Mexican Grill. I didn’t even think about taking pictures till after we were pretty much done eating. I got a fish taco salad which was really good and Eric got a burito of some sort that weighed like 5 pounds and was humungous! I’m sure we will be going back there again as well.

Finally that night we went to what I consider to be my favorite restaurant: Crow Hill. I didn’t take this picture cause I forgot (sorry!) but found a good one on a foodie site. This restaurant devises it’s menu based on local NC produce and meats. It’s organic and supports local farmers in the area.

The theme of the restaurant is “Rustic Southern” which I like to think is also my style. . Give me some mason jars and some old wooden tables and I am in heaven!

I obviously did not take these pictures but got them from their website. The pictures I took were too dark and I found these to be perfect. This restaurant has me written all over it. Eric even exclaimed how much this restaurant resembeled me. Love!

Now to their food: Eric and I were a little overwhelmed by the menu at first. Let’s just say they did not have chicken fingers on the menu. They had about nine choices including fish varieties, roasted chicken, and chicken pot pie. I was going to be boring and get the chicken pot pie but the waitress talked me into the NC Trout dish.  The trout came with sweet potato hash, pancetta, and brown butter. So if you were me you were thinking what the heck is sweet potato hash?

But now looking back it makes sense. The combination sounded completely weird as at first but it turned out amazing. I even ate the skin on the trout which added great flavor to the fish. Eric tried the Pan-seared Local Corvina with Market Succotash, Cornbread Crust, Sherry Vinegar Gastric. Sounds crazy right?

But turned out to be very appetizing. PS their starting item like most restaurants have bread was pickles!

Do you want me to move in here or what?

In Summary:

The vacation was a much needed break filled with fun, relaxation, sun, drinks, and most importantly… food. 🙂 But as always, all good things must come to an end. And we had a certain someone who was ready for his mom and dad to come home:

I think Bailey enjoyed his vacation at Grandma’s as well. He slept the whole way home. 🙂

Where did you go or plan to go for summer vacation?


2 thoughts on “Bon Appetit – Wilmington, NC

  1. YUM! I’m thinking that I need to drive to Wilmington for the Italian dish you tried. Pasta, artichokes and mushrooms…three of my favorite things! Plus, I LOVE the fact that after a ‘free’ bottle of wine with dinner you went to a wine bar…girl after my own heart. lol

    • Haha yes the Italian was awesome. I’m shocked that I did not explode after eating all of that food. And the free bottle of wine probably didn’t help the situation, but who can deny a special like that? 🙂

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