Family Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I went home for a yet another Bridal Shower. This time, my aunt Jennifer was the one to host the party. I have to say, if you ever need a party to be planned, she is the one to go to. Every detail was amazing. I am always in awe of her creativity and ability to host a fabulous event. šŸ™‚

This Bridal shower was strictly family. I wanted something casual so just us girls could get together, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. It ended up being just that. Thanks Jennifer for hosting such a great Bridal Shower. I could not have asked for a better one! I am also planning on re-using the frames at the wedding, so you will see those again soon! šŸ˜‰

Check out all the photos of the event:

My amazing Aunt Jennifer who hosted the event. Thanks again! šŸ™‚

The Food. We had amazing food. Spinach dip (my favorite), shrimp and cocktail sauce, potato salad, fruit, chicken salad on croissants, a pimento cheese dip, and Dewey’s Bakery cake squares. Yum!

Another look at the delicious food!

My family. My dad’s mother, my mom, and of course, me! šŸ™‚

My mom’s mother. I didn’t get a good photo of my other aunt. She was talking during the photo taken of her, and I doubt she would want that on the internet. Haha. I also did not get a good picture of my other grandmother. But they were also attendants of the bridal shower, and I appreciate them coming. šŸ™‚

Miss Quila, short for Tequila. This is my cousin’s dog but she is definitely BFFs with my aunt Jennifer. She is the cutest girl. Look at that smile!

The Gifts.

I got a cookbook from my Grandmother Shelby, my dad’s mom. She has shared lot of her own recipes with me a few summers ago. I believe that I got my cooking skills from her. She is a talented in the kitchen. I hope that I can continue to learn more from her. She has already taught me so much.

The robe I got from Jennifer. I am so freaking excited to wear it. I’ve debated on wearing it to bed. Haha. It’s so soft and I just love it. I am 100% going to rock this on my wedding day. And I 100% plan to wear it after my wedding day as well. Love, love, love. My other Aunt. and Grandmother gave me money towards my honeymoon. Always appreciated and it will go to good use! My dad’s step-mother who I did not get a picture of gave me a book to keep record of my family tree records. That will come in handy as Eric and I get older and have kids.

It was a wonderful Bridal Shower overall. I have such wonderful family and I am thankful for all the ladies in my life. They are all amazing and each one has made an impact in my life. I love you all and thanks for taking time out of your weekend to spend with me!


2 thoughts on “Family Bridal Shower

    • Hey now… you should be. Stephanie took a picture of you while you were talking. Haha Don’t make me pull out the goods! šŸ˜‰ Don’t worry I will post some pics from the wedding when you and Jeff are dressed up. šŸ™‚

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