It’s All in the Details

This past weekend I took wedding DIY into my own hands. I loved the idea of incorporating vintage shipping tags for decor. I won’t tell you what I am using them for in my wedding so that it will remain a surprise for guests attending, but I would like to show you how you can make vintage tags yourself. These tags can be used for anything. Gift tags, organization, or just to add some unique touch to decor around your house. I’ve see them used a lot as tags for homemade gifts.

Originally, I was just going to buy vintage shipping tags. You can find them all over Esty. After doing some digging, I found out how easy it is to make your own. Plus the benefit of making your own is that you are able to control the color, the look, and any sort of additional details you may want to add to the tags. I kept my tags simple for my wedding but I’ve seen online where folks have crinkled them up so they looked older and have also added stamps with all sort of designs. So be creative and make them your own!

This might be one of the easiest DIY that I have ever done. If you aren’t making that many it is also not that time consuming. I made over 50 so it was decently time consuming for me. But the first 15 were done in under an 30 minutes.

The process is called “Tea Staining.” You can also use coffee, but I wanted a lighter color and didn’t want the smell of coffee. All you do is brew a large cup or two of black tea or coffee put it in a dish and let the tags sit there. The re-enforcement on the shipping tags will fall off. At first I was going to keep them and put them back on the cards and then I decided against that. But I’m sure you could take some glue and put them back on very easily if you wanted to maintain the re-enforcers.

Step 1: Brew the Tea/Coffee.

Step 2: Add about a tablespoon or so of vanilla extract for scent. This is entirely up to you on how much or how little.

Step 3: Let them sit for around 30 minutes. The website that gave a tutorial this process recommended forks so I left forks on the cards to hold them under the liquid. After pulling them out of the liquid they left marks on the card which can add character if you want. But otherwise, if you keep an eye on them and just keep pressing them under water or use something to keep them submerged, you will be fine.

The time period is also subjective. My first batch was out in under 15 minutes. The rest have gone from either 30 minutes to about an hour. As the tea gets cold it takes longer for the cards to hold the color. So again, it’s all subject and up to you. You can’t mess it up.

Step 4: After the time has expired and you feel they are ready to go, you pull them out. Pat them with a paper towel and then lay them out to dry on paper towels.

Finally, here is the before and after all in one shot. I took a left over shipping tag to show you the difference. The type of tag to get is Avery Manilla Shipping Tags 4.75 x 2.375 Inches (11005).

What’s your style?


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