I’m Back With A New Name. :-)

So it has been two crazy months for me! I finished up a rotation in Federal Tax at my company and just got married! Go me for deciding to plan a wedding during a busy season. Luckily it wasn’t too terrible for me. Only two really rough weeks of really late hours. When you get home and go straight to bed only to wake up six hours later, you know it’s a rough time.

Thank goodness I took a week off for the wedding. I cannot wait to share all the details of my wedding with you! I didn’t have my camera thanks to the battery dying on me early and I temporarily lost the battery charger. Conveniently found it in my suitcase where I checked a bazillion times before. Oh well! I have awesome friends who took lots and lots of photos.

Anyways, we are officially married now! I am now Mrs. Amanda Wall. Not legally yet but I’ll get around to that. 😉

Although we lived together before getting married, it does feel different! It feels great to be married. I love every moment of it. I think it also makes me appreciate him more for all that he does for me. Don’t know why that is, but I do.

So anyways, expect another post real soon with rehearsal dinner photos and more!

Thanks for hanging in there,



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