Dog Park Discovery

Eric and I have a great couple that we are friends with, Joe and Heather that have two dogs: Willow and PJ. After many football games at our house and several cookouts, Bailey, and Willow have become the best of friends. We are definitely a bunch of people centered around are dogs and try to incorporate them in our social activities as much as possible.

One Saturday afternoon, Joe and Heather invited us to join them in a visit to a local dog park. Willow is still a puppy and has lots of energy. I’m sure they were looking forward to an afternoon after the dog park and a tired Willow. 🙂

It was such a lovely day so we decided to join them on this adventure. I didn’t even realize we had a dog park that was that close to our house.

Bailey was a little standoff with the other dogs at first.

He found it more intriguing to make new human friends.

But after a while, he started to warm up to other dogs. And even found a few of his own breed!

Miss Willow had a great time too chasing other dogs as well as being chased.

Then it was time for a water break. Heather brought a nifty to go water bowl for the dogs. I am going to have to get one myself.

Ready for some more fun.

We spent a good couple of hours out there. Bailey had the biggest smile on his face on the way home.

He had the best time at the dog park. We already have plans to take him back again soon.


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