Chicken Fried Addition

About a month ago now, on a usual weekend trip to the flea market, Eric made a huge discovery. At the time I did not realize the importance of this new addition to my kitchen, but after using only twice I now know that my kitchen will never be the same.

Eric found a deep fryer.

Now you are thinking, how in the world is this life changing? Well if you don’t own a deep fryer, I can understand your questions. I had my doubts as well. But now that I have personally used this deep fryer, I can tell you that my cholesterol is going up! I promise to only use in moderation…. hopefully. 😉

The sole reason Eric purchased this appliance was to make homemade chicken wings. So naturally that was the first thing we decided to make with the deep fryer. I added the fries as well. What goes better with wings than fries?

Potatoes ready to go. Check.

After putting, what felt like a gallon of oil into the deep fryer, we were ready to put the wings into the baskets.

The end result. Of course, this is just some of the wings. It’s insane how the breading puffed up on the wings. I thought Eric didn’t put enough breading on the chicken wings, but they turned out perfect.

Next step is to throw in those potatoes.

Meanwhile, Eric begins to sauce up the wings. Note: these wings are Eric’s wings only. My wings were separated and were sauced up with BBQ sauce instead of hot sauce. Not a spicy fan.

After finishing up the wings, the fries were ready to come out golden brown and seasoned with seasoning salt. Beautiful.

Are you drooling yet?

It was a delicious meal in this Ballantyne household. A second note: there were no left overs. Well maybe some fries, but they didn’t last long. And life a true Southern we saved the grease in plans of using it used another time.

Are you convinced on the deep fryer yet? Just wait till you see fried fish. Coming up!


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