Wedding Details – The Favors

I put a lot of thought into the wedding favors for our wedding. I wanted something unique that represented us as a couple and our interests.

As you can see from my blog, I love to cook. I love DIY. I am a southern at heart. So what better favor than a cookie mix displayed in a mason jar. Yep, that was the idea I came up with. Not completely original, because it’s been done at many wedding prior to mine, but none that I have been to, so that counts for something right? 😉

The week of the wedding I had all of the bridesmaids, my mother-in-law, and several friends come to make the wedding favors. We cleaned all the mason jars. Wrote the recipe on all of the shipping tags (see how to make from a previous blog). Put all of the ingredients into the jars. Then tie the recipe cards to the jars with twine. Voila! My wedding favor.

I didn’t get any pictures of the night we made the favors due to the overwhelming chaos of planning a wedding and trying to be a million places at one time. However there are several funny stories behind my wedding favors.

I bought way to much of several ingredients. Anybody need sugar or flour? Because I have a 25 pound bag of both. Yeah it makes perfect sense. Haha I’m sure my mother-in-law, who went with me to purchase the ingredients, thought I was crazy at the time buying that much flour. Geez!

I get home with all my ingredients and find that the recipe that I picked out for my cookies does not fit into the pint size jar that I have. Note: If you decide to make homemade cookie mixes, buy quart size jars. Otherwise, good luck finding a recipe to fit into a pint sized mason jar for anything!

With the help of my girls and some good ole fashion “winging it” we were able to at least make the favors look pretty and crossed our fingers that the cookies came out alright when one of the guests decided to bake them.

At the reception, Childress Winery set the favors up to spell out “A hearts E.” They were a spectacular venue who went above and beyond for my wedding.

(Photo taken by ElizabethK Photography. Great photographers, I highly recommend)

I finally made a batch of cookies one night when Eric was craving chocolate chip cookies. And with a little extra flour and a whole egg (the recipe card called for 1/2 egg…don’t ask how that’s possible, haha) the cookies turned out perfect. Yummy.

I probably didn’t need to go through all that trouble for the wedding favors as many people will probably never bake them, but I know that they were one of my favorite details of my wedding.

(Photo taken by ElizabethK Photography)

Since my wedding, I have decided to display one of the favors in our dining room.

What details are your favorite from your wedding?


One thought on “Wedding Details – The Favors

  1. Actually we just made the cookies last weekend and they came out great! We also used a whole egg (just because it seemed like to much trouble to half it. lol). Such a cute idea and quite tasty!

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