Wedding Details – The Cake

Ah the cake. One of the main parts of the wedding. After you find your dress, you decide on your cake.

I remember going to a bridal show and coming home sick of wedding cake after trying over 20 different vendors. After a while it all begins to taste the same.

EXCEPT for the wedding cake vendor I picked. :-). Her cakes are not only gorgeous but equally delicious. She has a flawless butter-cream that will blow your mind in appearance and taste.

If you are in the market for a wedding cake, go see Christina at Creative Cake Designs. She is the one and only. I still visit her Facebook page and I am completely in awe with her artistic talent.

For our wedding cake, I found a design off It was originally a chocolate cake. We decide to go with ivory instead since our tablecloths were chocolate-brown. We wanted it to pop.


(Picture taken by Elizabeth K Photography)

Do you love my cake stand? I don’t know how I came up with this idea but I found quarter wine barrels online and fell in love with the idea. I asked Childress Winery if they had any to spare but because NC wineries are so new they have not finished using the wine barrels they own; instead I found one on eBay. The shipping was just as much as the price of the wine barrel weighing in at 25 pounds. I plan to make it into a side table in the future and will display it nice in my living room. 🙂 I’m all about re purposing things.

(Picture taken by Elizabeth K Photography)

We chose Christina’s Velvety White Wedding cake with strawberry filling all wrapped in butter-cream. Our cake literally melted in your mouth.

(Picture taken by Elizabeth K Photography)

After the wedding, I decided I wanted to keep something special from my wedding cake. I came up with the idea of spraying the fruit toppers in an acrylic paint. I sprayed the crap out of those things. There is still even pieces of cake stuck to some of the fruit.

(Picture taken by Elizabeth K Photography)

I now display the fruit along with my gorgeous cake cutters in a glass display in our dining room.

PS did you check out my awesome cake cutters?? I’m in love with them.

I love knowing that I’ve kept pieces of my wedding to look back and remember our special day in the future.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Details – The Cake

  1. You are not lying: it really did melt in your mouth. So yummy! And it was beautiful….LOVE that you did the lighter color instead, it looked great at your reception. And the cake stand is so cool – it will definitely make an awesome end table.

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