Ashe-thentic – A Trip to the NC Mountains

I recently went on a trip the mountains with Eric’s family. During this trip we decided to make a day trip to Asheville, NC to visit one of Eric’s Mom’s friends (I guess that’s how you put it, haha). Prior to this trip my only Asheville, NC experience has been the numerous trips to the Biltmore House.

Once we finally found a parking space (Asheville is packed apparently on the weekends with not many parking options), we walked the streets of downtown Asheville. The downtown area definitely has it’s own flavor and the city is full of every sort of individual that you can imagine. The quaint shops and unique restaurants is what makes Asheville so intriguing. And if you happen to find a man dressed up as a nun and running during your visit, no worries, it’s a normal occurrence (sorry no picture for that one).

All of the restaurants are small in size and have an intimate feel. The shops advertise organically made clothing, one of a kind jewelry, and wind pipe instruments. If you are lucky, you will come across a local musical ensemble playing together for the enjoyment of all those willing to stand around and give a dollar or two.

My mother-in-law’s friend recommended a restaurant for us to try during our time in Asheville called Tupelo Honey Cafe. It was obvious when we got there that this cafe was THE place to be in Asheville. There was a two hour wait. We hesitated at first but decided to go for us and spent our wait time wondering around the streets of the city.

We wanted to see all of the downtown area anyways so it worked out perfectly. We walked around for a while and looked at all the shops. Then we decided to sit in a brick paved park looking area perfect where local artists come to perform.

We were lucky enough to experience a live perform for ourselves. The group titled Brizeus decided to play with three of the four members.

They played folk music, historic European, and more with their bombard drum (found the name after googling), bagpipe, and tambourine. It was a great way to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Soon after the performance it was time for us to head inside for lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Perfect timing! After ordering our lunch we were briskly served with fresh home made warm biscuits with Tupelo honey and blueberry preserve on the side.

Let’s just say that the biscuit was a taste of heaven. I immediately informed the server that I would be purchasing the honey and blueberry preserves. I even purchased a copy of their cookbook which I recently found out has the recipe for these divine biscuits.

Lunch was equally amazing. I had their Southern BLT which had southern style fried chicken on a artisan role with all the fixings including bacon. Not to mention the mac’n cheese side dish was to die for as well. And of course I had to wash it down with a large glass of sweet tea. It would be a sin to drink anything else with a lunch like this. I only ended up finishing half of my meal so I took it home to my lucky husband to try. Even as leftovers, he cleaned his plate and exclaimed that the food was amazing. Got the recipe for this sandwich too!

After eating our lunch we decided to walk around a little while longer and found a Chocolate   bakery. I didn’t get a picture as I was too mesmerized by all the chocolate. Needless to say I purchased some chocolate truffles. They even had shoes made out of chocolate that you could give as gifts! Very neat ideas. If I ever end up in the downtown Asheville area again, I will be sure to go back.

Overall it was a nice day trip to Asheville. I would love to go back again. I think the next time I visit the Biltmore House I will be heading back to downtown as well. Definitely a place I would recommend visiting if not just for the food!


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