Our First Married Thanksgiving

Last week was Thanksgiving! I cannot believe it’s already over. 😦 But on the bright side this means that we are one step closer to Christmas and I can now justify listening to Christmas music. I also decorated my house and put up our Christmas tree (a blog coming soon). But back to Thanksgiving…

As you saw from a previous post, last year was our first co-family Thanksgiving celebration. We loved it so much that we decided to do it again this year. I love the fact that our two families get along so well. I also am so thankful for parents who are willing to drive to Charlotte so that we can do these sorts of things. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

This year we tried to not make as much food but what is Thanksgiving without overindulging? So of course we made probably as much food as last year if not more. Oh well! I didn’t hear anyone complaining at the dinner table about their plates being too full.

Last year I didn’t really decorate the table for Thanksgiving other than some festive paper plates. This year (last minute) I decided that I wanted a decorated table. So I pulled a few things together last minute to come up with a festive table.

I used to have place mats that were thanksgiving style but I looked all over the house for them for probably over 30 minutes and finally gave up. Still I think my table turned out beautiful.

For the buffet, where we would be serving all the food, I placed a tablecloth to protect the wood from the hot food items. I also found a turkey that my mom gave me and a pumpkin that I randomly bought last year.

Once the table was set and the buffet ready for the food, we started to bring all the items to the dinning room.

We had every dish imaginable. PS the picture does not include dessert!  And you cannot forget the turkey…

It turned out beautifully. My dad invested in an electronic thermometer this year to keep an eye on the temperature. It seems to work very well as the turkey was very moist.

After the food was in place and the drinks served we took a family picture.

I hope that this thanksgiving tradition is something that we hold on to for years to come. There is nothing better than time spent around the table with family. We had many laughs, shared stories, and of course talked about Black Friday shopping plans.

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and that you were able to spend it with the ones you love.


6 thoughts on “Our First Married Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!! Everything was delicious and the company was the best!! I have to laugh at the picture of us all above! Our side of the family look like giants!!!

  2. Yes, we had a wonderful time. Our families are great together. We love the Wall family and love celebrating the holidays or any occasion with them. Amanda you did a great job hosting Thanksgiving. It will always be a memorable event.

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