Festive Decorating – The Family Room

This room has become my main focal point for decorating. Not just for holidays but in general. It’s the one place that all guests see. It’s also where Eric and I spend a lot of our time so its an essential room that I like to keep aesthetically pleasing to the eye. At least my eyes. 🙂

I used mostly decorations that I purchased last year after Christmas and picked up a few key items from Michaels.

First: The Mantle

This seems to always to be the center of focal point. I tried to keep it simple but I feel the one thing I am missing is garland. I also have my eye on some adorable stocking holders from Target for next year that totally scream my name.

This reindeer is my favorite piece. I have seriously contemplated looking for a miniature schnauzer one to keep up year round.  But then I got distracted from all the adorable puppy pictures that popped up instead.

These trees are supposed to be cowboy Christmas theme but I feel it also gives off a rustic feel that I can’t help but love.

Then there is the coffee table with a piece decorative accents.

Next is the kitchen. I got a matching tablecloth, kitchen towels, and pot holders from Target on sale last year.

For the simple fact that I bought all these items blindly, I have to say they went together quite well and I am happy with the turn out. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be back in Target this year finding even more fun decorative items! 😉

How did you decorate your house for Christmas?


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