Front Door Appeal

The entrance of your house is an important place to decorate for the holidays. It’s what everyone who passes by your house will see. This year we kept it simple but next year I envision lots of lights and garland!

Bailey wanted to assist with this one as well. Of course he was distracted the whole time so not very helpful in the slightest but still cute. 🙂

I love my wreath. It was another purchase from Michaels. I had to get Eric to go out and get a suction cup to put it out. I bought a wreath hanger at first but apparently it doesn’t fit on my door. 😦 But the suction cup works just fine so I plan to use it year round.

The dog is too adorable as well. We got this dog at TJ Maxx a year or so ago. It’s supposed to be an indoor chalkboard but I thought his purpose was better served outside. The holly around his neck is actually supposed to go around a candle holder of some sort but I found it to be more appropriate for the dog to add some color on our front porch.

The shovels come from Garden Ridge another excellent place to find good holiday decorations on the cheap.

Not bad huh? Again next year we will up the ante with lots of lights and garland galore. I’m pretty excited about it.


One thought on “Front Door Appeal

  1. So cute! We only did the tree and stockings this year since it’s so close to my due date…so I’m kind of missing all of the decorations. Really love the shovel though!!!

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