All I Want for Christmas

All I wanted for Christmas this year was a new camera lens for my Nikon D3100. I have the basic lens that came with the camera and then a pretty good 70-300mm lens which also works well. The one thing I was missing was a macro lens. After doing some research I found that its recommended that every photographer have 50mm macro lens. I found one on amazon that I really liked with a low f stop as well (1.8).

My parents were so generous as to purchase this lens for me for Christmas this year. Since then I have been playing with the lens a little and can already tell a difference. The bokeh or the blurring affect is amazing. I absolutely love this lens.


Of course with every photography purchase comes more pictures of Bailey. In the first two pictures you can tell how much Bailey needs a haircut. Luckily he got one the very next day.



The next picture is after his haircut in his usual spot – the blue chair in our office. I have debated so many times to get rid of that chair because it sticks out so bad, but Bailey loves it so much that it still stays in our office.



The final picture is just a picture of corks in a hurricane vase. I love hurricane vases. They are so simple but elegant at the same time. I kept all the corks from our wedding and have been collected other corks as well in hopes to make something really cool out of them all later.


Hope you enjoyed! This means lots of awesome pictures coming your way!


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