Healthy Meals – Spaghetti Squash

After looking through some new blogs this past week I discovered one called Delighted Momma. It’s one written by a mother who also struggles with a daily life battle of diabetes. I think I may have stumbled upon her blog through Pinterest but either way I am so glad that I did. She has shown me so many new fun and interesting recipes that I sure I will share with you all as I attempt them myself. But I find her blog to be very dear to my heart because my mother also has lived with diabetes since the age of 16. She has some neat posts and even if you are just looking for healthy recipes, I recommend you go check her out. 🙂

So back on topic, on her blog I found a recipe that uses spaghetti squash. I have seen this stuff on several healthy food blogs and it intrigues me. At first, I have to admit, that I thought that if you cooked regular squash a certain way, it turned into a spaghetti like consistency. WRONG! There is actually a type of squash called “Spaghetti Squash” and it is easy to find at your local grocery store (at least it was at Harris Teeter).

So after discovering this item I knew for sure that I had to try it out. I wasn’t sure what I would cook with it, but I figured I would find something. With not much thought I decided to cook a chicken dish. I just threw together some chicken, peppers, garlic, and olive oil and called it a day!

I got some beautiful bell peppers from Trader Joe’s. I love that they offer a 3 pack with the variety of colors. It makes any dish look amazing.

I basically cut up the peppers, threw in some parsley from last week, with olive oil and let it all melt together. I was going to add mushrooms, but they were not looking too good, so I had to toss them. 😦 I hate wasting food. My new motto in 2012 is try not to waste. So I pretty much found whatever I had in my kitchen and threw it into the dish. I also had lemon so I spritzed the chicken chunks below with lemon juice and dashed it with onion powder and Italian seasoning.

I cooked the chicken separately and when it was almost done, I added it to the peppers.

I spritzed a little more lemon juice on it. Zested it with lemon as well and added a bit more parsley. While all this was being done, I threw the squash into the microwave for 11 minutes. Note: if you are cooking spaghetti squash, make sure to punch tons of holes in it so it doesn’t explode in your microwave. You may also bake it at 375 degrees for an hour and put it in a crock pot for 8 to 10 hours with water. I of course went for the fast route.

As you can see when you open it, it looks like spaghetti! Also note, do not cut it the way I did! You are supposed to cut it in the middle but the opposite direction. This was not how the picture displayed on the website I was looking at when looking for cooking directions and I screwed up! I’ll get it right next time. 🙂

The finished product. I was nervous that the “noodles” would be too dry so I concocted a “sauce” by mixing olive oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, with a pinch of salt and sugar. Sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and you are good to go! It was delicious. Definitely a healthy alternative to regular pasta. I think I might try it with a tomato sauce next time.

Hope you enjoyed and maybe you’ll think about trying spaghetti squash next time you see it at your grocers. 🙂


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