New Car!

Although I loved my old car, it was time to purchase a new one. I had a Jeep Cherokee Classic in Chili Pepper Red (yes I know the name of the color). It was my first and only car when I started driving so naturally I had some attachment to it (more to come on this later).

When we started looking for a new car the KIA brand never crossed my mind. But when Eric and I saw the Sorento for the first time, it definitely became one of our top choices for my next car. Apparently the Sorento had a whole new thanks to the former Audi designer Peter Schreyer.

Originally I had my heart set a the new 2012 Honda CR-V. I had my mind made up and nothing was going to change that, even after seeing the new KIAs at a local dealership and being impressed (but not telling Eric). When we went to the Honda dealership to test drive the CR-V we noticed they also had a 2011 KIA Sorrento SX on the lot. It’s the top of the line Sorrento with all the cool gadgets and technology. Even the push start button! The SX was also a V6 engine with 276 horsepower, which of course I need! 😉

After driving both the Honda CR-V and KIA Sorento I still planned on going with the CR-V. At the time I thought the Sorento had too much power (how is that possible??) but when Eric and I came home and did some research it was a sure thing that the Sorento was the pick. We went back and drove it again and it has been a joy ride ever since.

I love the turn signals on the side mirrors and the grille / chrome accents are not bad looking either! 🙂

Check out these chrome wheels! Definitely riding in style. 🙂

Needless to say I am happy with my decision. I love my car to pieces. It’s a fantastic car and I know that we will get many years in it and will build lots of memories in this car. The only thing that sucks is the monthly car payment now. 😦 I was blessed to have parents who never subjected me to this as a teenager but it still sucks. Good news: Eric and I are paying more on the payment then needed and we will have it paid off in three years instead of four. That makes me a happy girl.


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