Joy Prom 2012 – Amazing Event for Amazing People

This past Saturday, my beautiful sister-in-law Sarah and her boyfriend James had the opportunity to go to Joy Prom put together by Carmel Baptist Church here in Charlotte. It’s an event specially for special needs individuals. The church puts on this prom event every year so that those who might not have gotten to go to a prom get to experience prom. This includes walking down the red carpet while being cheered on by a huge crowd and flashing cameras.

The event includes your usual dance that every prom has but they also have shoe shining for the boys, jewelry (including tiaras) for the girls, photography stations, and more. It’s a night each year that the individual gets to feel special and adored.

I am so thankful that our city has events like these for our special needs individuals. For some of these people this is the only time they may experience love as their families may not provide the necessary support due to their differences. I know that Sarah comes from a loving family who adores her (including me 🙂 ) but it’s good to know that others get to experience that feeling too, if only for one night.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my sister in law, Sarah is autistic along with her boyfriend James. They are both outstanding individuals who are extremely fun to be around. Their uplifting attitudes are contagious and you can’t help but smile when you are around them. 🙂

Sarah and James were able to attend the event which ended up being James’ first dance! I’m so glad that he got to attend as I believe everyone should go to prom at least once. It’s an experience like no other. They allowed me to share in their special day by taking photos. I wanted to share a few of them as I was proud them as well as taken back by how gorgeous they looked.

Hope you enjoyed!


7 thoughts on “Joy Prom 2012 – Amazing Event for Amazing People

  1. An amazingly loving article:). The kids look happy and gorgeous!!! I have been a fan of Sarah and James through her mother, Lynne. Thank you for sharing this with us:).

  2. This is wonderful! So glad that events like this are available in our area. And they both look great – I hope they had a blast at prom!

    • They did! They had a wonderful time. I asked Sarah they got to dance and she said, “We danced some but we were so busy doing other things that we didn’t have time to dance!” Haha

  3. I have been blessed to have all of you in my life. After the things I have seen in today’s world, I have had my world awaken by the Wall Family. My Mom and the rest of my Family are humbled to know that I am finally with great people. Sarah and I had the best time at Joy Prom. It was the first at something like this for me, which made it even more special. I thank you all for what you all do.

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