Taking a Stand on NC Amendment One

I was going to blog about my hot yoga experiences today but felt that another timely matter was more important. No worries… you will get to hear all about hot yoga! 🙂

I try not to get political too often for the simple fact that everyone has their own opinion and I try not to impede on other people’s point of views. We are all given the freedom of speech and the freedom to believe what we want to believe. I firmly stand behind that right and hope that it will always remain.

If you are a fellow NC resident, I hope that you seriously consider going out to vote on May 8th.  The proposed amendment to our NC constitution regarding the definition of marriage has been a huge controversy. I’ve seen several people posting on the subject throughout the past few weeks on Facebook and thought nothing of it. In all seriousness I originally thought that those individuals who were saying vote against the amendment were also against gay marriage. But this could be farther from the truth.

The amendment will define marriage according to NC in whole as:

 “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts.”

Sounds like a good plan right? It sounds like they are possibly supporting same-sex marrigages right?

If you go to visit the website of the organization who supports this bill “VoteForMarriageNC” you get very conflicting information. The big arguments are rights for same-sex couples as well as civil unions. I am still confused on how this bill stands on the subjects because it is so wishy-washy.

The statement provided by Rep. Paul Stam on their website, clearly states that this amendment, will only recognize a marriage between a man and a woman as a domestic legal union. The second sentence of the amendment relates only to civil unions and same-sex marriages regarding private companies (i.e. health insurance companies). The second sentence provides that the amendment allows private companies to still continue contracts outside of this amendment in relation to civil unions and same-sex marriages. Which sounsd nice, but do you honestly believe the health insurance companies will continue to provide benefits to these individuals if the state does not recognize their relationship as a domestic union?

In the FAQ section of the website it goes on to state that children are being “denied the love and affection of their bio-logical parents” when they are born into a same-sex marriage home. NEWS FLASH!! These children are either adopted or the result of a sperm donation; they were NEVER going to be given the opportunity to be loved by their bio-logical parents. In my opinion, this is enough for me to vote no instantly on this amendment. The FAQ goes on to continue to nullify same-sex marriages with children. The sheer ignorance im the supports of this bill cease to amaze me.

The “Threat to Marriage” page is just a scare tactic to get individuals to vote for this bill and doesn’t hold any solid backing. The fact that they use a scare tactic is beyond ridiculous.

Regardless of whether or not you support gay marriages, civil unions, or even marriage just between a man and a woman, you should vote against this amendment. If not only to say, TRY AGAIN. Who are we to decide what works for another individual. Who is honestly hurt personally by same-sex marriages? A child born into a same-sex marriage home should have the same opportunities as one born into a heterosexual home. And we all know that a lot times even our biological families are messed up enough that maybe trying a same-sex home might be better!

The final point is, God asks us not to judge one another. He is the only judge on this Earth and one day we will all be judged by him alone on our actions here on this Earth. Why add to your list by judging others?

Please educate yourself on this matter and vote for how you stand… even if it’s for the amendment.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Stand on NC Amendment One

  1. Love this! I will be late to work on Tuesday so that I can vote against the amendment. I respect that everyone has a right to vote in the way they feel is right. But I am so irritated by the propaganda around A1 that tricks people into thinking it’s about something it’s not. As i’ve said in the past: if the amendment IS passed, people will be hurt and discriminated against. (Adults. as well as children – who obviously should not be punished for something that is out of their control). If the amendment is NOT passed, nothing changes from how they are now. Gay marriages are already banned (whether you think they should be or not). It is so frustrating that this is turning into a misunderstood debate over whether homosexuality is right or wrong – that is completely unrelated to this issue and the rights that everyone has. I think we are opening a can of worms if we start passing laws to enforce our religious beliefs on others…

    Thanks for posting – great blog post. 😉

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