Gardening 101

I want to start this post out by saying I am the worst person when it comes to plants. That includes indoor and outdoor plants. Until recently I have killed every plant I have ever received or tried to grow on my own. The only way Eric and I were able to grow herbs was through an AeroGarden which does everything for you and I STILL had at least one plant not grow in the AeroGarden. Bottom Line: I do NOT have a green thumb.

I have a plant at work now, however the only reason it is still alive is probably because I do not finish my water at the end of the day so it gets my left overs. That and the fact that my awesome co-worker Windy bought me a aqua globe which waters the plants for you. I have been successful at keeping the alive for I’m guessing almost six months now.

During Easter weekend my family came into town and my mom helped me pick out flowers and we planted them in pots for my front yard. I originally was planning on putting them in my garden bed but I couldn’t make a decision so I found two pots instead.

Picking flowers was ridiculously overwhelming. You have to pay attention to the type of soil and amount of sunlight. In the end I just picked out 5 different kinds of flowers with no regard for sunlight requirements or anything other than making sure I had a variety of color.

My mom helped me with the first pot and showed me how to properly plant them. When it was my turn I broke the one flower that I loved. Completely ripped the bud off the stem. I’m a perfectionist so of course I freaked out but tried to assure myself that I still had another one (one for each pot b/c I am also OCD on patterns). Unfortunately that one would later die due to not enough sunlight or not properly watering.

But in the end, my flowers turned out wonderful. They are still blooming. I’ve finally gotten in the routine of watering them in the morning along with my garden bed which is now starting to flourish as well.

We even had enough extra flowers for two other pots. So now I can say that I’ve added some color to our deck!

I hope this is the beginning of my gardening experience but we will see how long these flowers last first. It’s only been a little over a month so far but I’m pretty proud of myself. This is a record!

Any gardening tips?


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