Geez it’s Hot in Here

My first experience with hot yoga was at Flex & Fit in my work building. They had a special going on $5 for hot yoga on Fridays at noon.  My manager and I figured, why not! It’s only $5 and it’s a form of exercise during busy season. It was also an excuse to get out of the office if only for an hour.

I have practiced yoga on again, off again for some time but only really through at home DVDs. I love yoga because it’s a way to stretch out your body and it leaves you feeling refreshed and not dead after a workout. However, in most cases, you aren’t going to lose lots of weight just doing yoga as it’s not that intense of a workout in most cases. Don’t get me wrong, you will work up a sweat but it just depends on the type of yoga you practice.

(Just took pictures so you can see some poses!)

I will admit the first time I went into the hot yoga class that Friday, the first thing out of my mouth was, “It is really hot in here!” The point was obvious as it was called HOT Yoga, but it was like my brain did not process the fact that it really was going to be hot. I believe the average temperature in theses classes is between 90 and 104 degrees. That will make you sweat REAL quick.

After the first class I had the same feeling of relaxed that I normally but I also felt cleansed. It was like my body was ridding itself of all the toxins (which I know is not realistically possible) through the process of sweating.

My manager and I went to several of the special classes as they were running the special for the month of March. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to look into other options since the special was ending in March. We found an awesome studio called Y2 Yoga.  They offered Hot Yoga for $5 all the time through their “Good Karma” classes. That was some serious hot yoga because they seem to always have hotter classes than the one at Flex and Fit.

Since then I now find myself amazed by yoga and the possibilities. I can only hope to continue to improve and build a stronger body to do some crazy poses. It’s definitely something to strive for. I think that is why I have come to love yoga; no two classes are the same and there is always room for improvement. I love the idea that I can amaze myself with the strengthening of my body.

I highly recommend it for everyone. I swear it is the only reason I came out of this busy season with some of my sanity.


2 thoughts on “Geez it’s Hot in Here

  1. This is awesome Amanda! I have been going to hot yoga at yogaOne on Central and i love it. My friend Ashley teaches classes at Y2 yoga and says its great there too. 🙂

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