An Inside Look at the Carolina Panthers

In addition to great weather, great produce, and exercise activities, North Carolina is also the home to several professional sports teams. Although majority are not very good majority of the time the Carolina Panthers might actually be decent this year thanks to a new quarterback you might have heard about named Cam Newton. 🙂

This past April on the start of the NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers held a Draft Party at the stadium where they had live music, lots of beer and food, and even opened up the stadium for free tours. Eric being a huge panthers fan, we decided to go! Plus it’s literally two blocks from my work and the event was held right after work one day.

The tour of the locker room was pretty neat. It was cool to see all of the guys little stations and the items they kept in their lockers. Many of the guys had piles and piles of shoes!

Other’s had personal picture so family members and rewards received. And you couldn’t walk five steps without seeing the Carolina Panthers logo.

After touring the locker room we ventured into the weight room. It was the cleanest gym I have ever seen.

Finally, after touring the inside we ended up out in the middle of the football field where they had shops with different items to purchase, they had lines for autographs, and lots of things for children to do.

Eric even got to hold what was suspected to be Cam Newton’s helmet!

We actually ran into some friends there too, one of which was a fellow student at UNCC that I haven’t seen in years. It’s always nice to know that Charlotte is a large town with so much to do but you can’t go anywhere without running into someone you know. Big town with the small town appeal. Love it!

On the way out we browsed through the many tailgating cars where extreme fans went out of their way to create unique tailgating vehicles that had anything and everything necessary to complete the football experience.

We didn’t stay too long since Eric is a football fanatic and wanted to make it home in time for the Draft to start. It turned out to be a great night of pizza, wine (for me) and beer, and some draft watching. I didn’t mind it so much, it was cool to see all the available new players.

Soon it will be football season again and I’m sure I will be sharing to action at one of the games. Go Panthers!


2 thoughts on “An Inside Look at the Carolina Panthers

  1. So cool. Thanks for the inside tour of the Panthers facility. I’ll never get to see any of that from California so I appreciate you sharing that. Go Panthers!

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