NC Wineries – First Stop: The Chianti in the Carolinas

Back in April, Eric and I finally exercised a groupon that we purchased for Rafaldini Winery. It was $12 bucks for two wine tastings and a free wine to go! Not bad.

Eric and I love exploring the wineries in NC so we took this opportunity to visit several wineries in the area. There were around five or six wineries within minutes of Rafaldini so it only made sense.

Rafaldini Winery was the most gorgeous of all of them but the service was terrible. We waited over 20 minutes to do a tasting. They had no organization, they told us to stand in front of a booth and we would be serviced. Not the case. Not to mention the folks currently doing a tasting were ridiculous and took their time sipping on the wine. I do my “thing” while tasting wines but that doesn’t include taking 5 mins per glass!

The scenery was beautiful, even on a rainy / cloudy day. They had seating in the back where I’m sure they have live music come. On a sunny day this would be a great spot to chill and drink wine.

The vineyards were overlooking the mountains which makes for a wonderful sight.

They have tons of little places surrounding the winery where you can sit and take in the view including a little pond and another sitting area nestled under the trees. They even have a separate picnic area which I am sure gets used frequently in the spring and summer.

Eric and I took this time to take photos by the stone bench.

And of course silly photos after purchasing more than necessary bottles of wine.

Finally some artistic photos of a red and wine bottle.

I didn’t end up getting pictures of the inside due to my ill-attitude as a result of the poor service. But I will say the wine was worth the wait. Definitely a good brand of wine that I am sure I will be purchasing at Total Wine.

Note: It appears that the Wineries like to sell the wine at a higher price at the winery than in Total Wine. Not sure why this is, but it actually irritates me to no end. So before you go, take note of the available wines at Total Wine for the NC wineries before venturing out to make sure that you are not paying more than you should. 

The wines at Rafaldini are meant to be the most authentic to what would find in Italy. You can taste the quality of wine. Click here for their shop providing their variety of wines.  They include seasonal wines but some of our favorites included:

1) Pino Grigio

2.) Sangiovese


4.) Bella Misto

5.)Il Mezzogiorno

Many of these can be purchased at Total Wine but I still recommend visiting the winery if only to take in the beauty that it holds.

More wineries coming soon!


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