A Jeep Girl for Life

Although I bought a new car, if you know me at all, you know that I was very attached to my chili pepper red Jeep Cherokee.

(picture taken from source)

I literally cried at the thought of buying a new car because I loved my old car so much. I even cried as my dad drove my jeep down my driveway and back to High Point. Heck! I feel tears forming in my eyes right now thinking about it! Let’s just say I get extremely attached to things. Haha

But that jeep was the place of so many good and bad things in my life. It was my first car, given to me by my parents who gave me the option of getting a small car or taking my mom’s jeep. It only took two seconds for me to decide on that one as I had become very accustomed to riding in a SUV since both my parents drove one at the time.

I had the traumatic experience of taking my driving test to get my license in that car. I got so nervous about my test that I tried to drive the car without turning it on! We literally rolled down the hill. Sooo embarrassing. Not to mention I have a terrible time (STILL) with right vs left and when she told me to turn left, as expected, I turned right. That was the end of my driving test; I didn’t even make it out of the parking lot.

The jeep was a place of solitude for me as well. I remember driving home from work many nights or driving home from a boyfriends house and taking the long way home just to roll the windows down, music blaring, and drive.

That car was where I had my first accident which I still claim was not 100% my fault as I was crossing traffic out of a WAL-MART parking lot and one lane let me in while another guy just rammed my car. He was obviously speeding and not paying attention but given the circumstances I of course got the ticket.

It’s funny how objects like a car can hold so many memories and become what we hope to be a permanent object in our lives. I seriously asked Eric if we could just keep the car in our garage because I didn’t want to let go.

Luckily my dad has taken the car back and we do not have any plans to sell the jeep in the near future. So at least I know that my jeep is waiting for me at home to visit when visiting my parents.

Were you attached to your first car?


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