NC Wineries – Small Place, Great Wine

After touring Rafaldini Winery (previous post here) we headed to several other wineries in the area. We were lucky to find so many within minutes of Rafaldini Winery.

Laurel Gray was the second stop. 

It was not a very big winery but man did they pack the punch in their wine.

The wine was great and they even had food pairings to go with it.

They had homemade barbecue sauce that would knock you shoes off it was so good.  We ended up buying two bottles and have already used one for wings. Simply delicious. Pretty sure we will be buying more once the second bottle is empty.

They also had what they called an Artisan Vinaigrette which was equally amazing. Of course we purchased a bottle of this too and we are saving it for the right time to devour.

Some of the wines that we liked best were:

1.) Cabernet Sauvignon

2.) Nectar

3.) Encore!  (Goes great with chocolate)

4.) Viognier

All of their wines were very delicious and I do believe they are available at Total Wine so if you get the chance to visit, you should!

Happy Drinking!


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