NC Wineries – Shadow Springs

Our third stop was Shadow Springs. At the time I did not know where I was, but now I can confidently say that I was in the Yadkin Valley area where many wineries of NC can be found. During the visit I just assumed we were in the mountains due to the terrain.

This winery was a decently sized one with delicious wine to boot, including wine made soley from strawberries labeled “Strawberry Shortcake.” And that is exactly what it tasted like.

It was a beautiful winery filled with details. I loved the front door (bless Eric’s heart for taking a picture for me) and the fireplace located inside.

They even had a gazebo outside where I’m sure many weddings have taken place.

The vineyard was a good size allowing them a large variety of wines.

I just loved the look and feel of this winery and the service was excellent. Everyone was so friendly and nice.

We even made a new friend! I adore that they have a dog that walks around greeting everyone. That is the way to my heart.

We tried several wines, each was very good and worth purchasing. But by this time we had to start paying attention to how much wine we were buying since we had so much already.

Our favorites included:

1.) Crimson Sunset

2.) Shortcake

3.) Meritage

But again, I would purchase majority of their wines. Very tasty. Hats off to another great winery in North Carolina.



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