NC Wineries – Wine and Bourbon, Say What?

This was the neatest concept out of all of the wineries. Not only did they make wine, they also made bourbon. It was a winery and distillery all together. And some times the two were mixed. Originally the winery was named “Buck Shoals” but I would expect that the new name Windsor Run Cellars came off a little better on the tongue.

To be very honest, the wine was not that great but it’s still worth a visit if you are in the area if not only to experience the wine and bourbon combination.

We ended up still buying the two that were the best: Midnight Run (which includes the bourbon) and Sweet Carolina Medley. You can see their full listing here. It appears that they will also be making apple cider soon which sounds amazing. Might have to check that one out.

I did not take many pictures of this winery due to the fact that I was pretty trashed by visiting three other wineries (see previous posts starting with Rafaldini). I will admit to being a light weight. 🙂

This concludes the wine tour for the moment. I’m hoping to visit more over the summer and into the fall. Will keep you updated!


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