Wife Lessons – Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone! I don’t do this one enough but 90% of the time it will pay off.

The sheer fact that I went out in public with Eric in this hideous thing he calls a shirt is enough to make you jump back into your comfort zone. 😉

One thing I absolutely love and hate about Eric is that he pushes me to get uncomfortable. Naturally I am a shy introverted person who would rather stay at home in bed and watch tv all day instead of venturing out to some unknown place and talk to strangers. However, once I acutally get out there to an unfamiliar territory and talk to people I am comfortable yet again. It’s the getting there that seems to be the problem.

The picture above is from our adventure to the Nascar All-Star Race. It was my first Nascar experience which may come as a shock to many people since I was born and raised in the South. Previously, I wanted nothing to do with Nascar and refused to go to a race. To my surprise, it ended up being one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I became fascinated with how truly fast these cars can go. I can still hear the sound of the cars flying by on the track in my head .

Most recently, Eric suggested we go out to Lake Norman with some of his work friends and rent a boat. Thanks to my mom I am terrified of the lake and the fact that you cannot see the bottom. Not to mention there are such things as water snakes AND spiders (which is my ultimate fear). I was not really looking forward to the trip and was a little nervous about getting out into the water. But once again, we had a wonderful time and we are already making plans to go back again soon.

Without Eric’s push and continuous support I would have never done either of these things. I feel that your spouse should be someone who makes you a better person. Eric truly does this despite all of my whining and complaining at times. He serves as a constant reminder of how I need to experience all that life has to offer. Try everything at least once.

Of course after every one of these times I get the classic Eric phrase: “See, I’m always right… Why am I always right about these things?” 🙂

So this post serves as a reminder to each of you to reach outside of what you would normally be willing to do. Who knows… you might actually have a little fun.


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