New Obsession: The Gym… Or is it?

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my finds for fellow Charlotte residents.

This find has become my third love… after Eric and Bailey of course!Who could have thought that a gym could become a fun obsession. Many people obsess over the gym because you must in order to stay in shape. However my obsession is due to the awesome experience that this place offers.

Flex & Fit

When I first heard this establishment was coming into our building I thought oh, a fancy over priced gym in the uptown area… just what we need (sarcastically of course).  It wasn’t until they started offering $5 Hot Yoga classes during my busy season that I discovered there is more that meets the eye with this gym. For a while I was obsessed with hot yoga. I still love hot yoga but thanks to Flex & Fit, I have expanded my horizons and taken on new challenges including Pilates, Air classes, and even barre classes.

Flex and Fit does not contain the usual gym equiment such as treadmills and elipticals although they do have a spinning studio. The rest of the space is filled with two other studios: one for hot classes another with silks. Silks?? What is that? Hammock looking objects that hang from the ceiling and allow you to stretch further, makes planks more intense, and adds excitement to your workout routine. WCNC, a local new station, did a news report on the gym and it’s unique technique of working out.

In addition to spinning, a variety of yoga classes, and AirFit with the silks, they also offer barre and ballet classes. Hot Ballet is actually one of their most popular classes where they mix hot yoga with barre-style work in a 105 degree studio. It’s awesome. Barre Strength includes toning exercises with light weights in the beginning and then actual plies, kicks, and lunges at the barre for the finish. Finally there is Air Ballet which mixes barre and silks to create a unique workout. Each class is different and the instructors are phenomenal to say the least.

I would always dread going to the gym but now I plan my workouts a week in advance out of sheer excitement. Is that normal? I just joined this past June so it’s been a month going on number two. I’ve spoken to other members of the gym that have been there longer and all of them say how much they love Flex and Fit and how it makes working out not a chore but actually enjoyable.

I will admit membership and classes are more pricey than your average gym, however, if you look at the current prices of yoga and barre studios its quite comparable. I lucked out by working in the same building where the gym is located and get an employer discount through my workplace. This helps knock the price down a good amount. Not to mention they validate parking for 2 hrs. No need to worry about paying for parking to work out uptown!

If you are in the Charlotte area, it’s COMPLETLEY worth checking out. Currently they are doing a 30% discount for course packs of 5 or 10 that ends today. Just visit their facebook page for the details. They also ran two Groupon specials in the past so keep your eye out for another one and try it out!

What is your current obsession?


2 thoughts on “New Obsession: The Gym… Or is it?

  1. I will be the first to admit that Flex and Fit is not the place for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go to the gym, plug in your iPod and log your 30 minutes on the ellipticals, this is not your place.But I am not that kind of person, and back when I tried to be that kind of person, my workout routine was sporadic, at best. But Flex and Fit is exactly the kind of place for a person like me. That is, a person who likes group classes and wants a lot of variety in both the types of classes offered, and the times of day I can take them.I’ve taken the yoga, ballet barre and air classes at Flex and Fit and they’re all great. The classes are challenging and there’s plenty of variety to keep me interested and my muscles challenged. For those so inclined, there are also spin and boot camp style classes, in addition to cooking classes. They also have “Air Nap,” where you can take a 30 minute nap in one of the 8-foot fitness silks!Memberships aren’t cheap, but if you go four times a month, it pays for itself. Plus, members get validated parking, towel and mat service and nice locker rooms with Bumble and bumble products in the showers.

  2. Thanks Gold Price for your comment. I completely agree. It has changed my view on working out and made it more of a lifestyle than just going to the gym for an hour. You can’t beat the people there either. They have great instructors and the management really cares about your experience. I got five to six times a week so I feel I am definitely getting my money’s worth much more than my other gym I was paying for $17 a month with a $40 annual fee and I went for three months out of a year! I’m a Flex and Fit addict. 🙂

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