Football is Back!

Last weekend we had a big group of friends over for the first Carolina Panther’s Football game.

Eric is a huge Carolina Panthers fan and wanted to make sure we celebrated the first game right. We invited our friends for tons of yummy food, corn-hole, drinking, and of course televisions all over the house with football on.

Eric decorated his man cave for the game. The room was not short of Carolina Panthers paraphernalia.

Almost every seat included a “Growl Towel” which I can only assume was in imitation of the Steeler’s “Terrible Towel.” Eric wanted to ensure that every fan was ready for whatever celebration may be necessary.

The funny part is, we didn’t even know we had these Growl Towels until cleaning our a dresser in our master bedroom. We are FINALLY getting new furniture for our master bedroom (coming soon!).

We had lot and lots of food available including three types of wings, fried pickles, fried jalapeño poppers, veggies with dip, pimento cheese with crackers, chocolate chip cookies, banana pudding, rice crispy treats, and tons of meat. I for sure thought we were going to have a ridiculous amount of leftovers, but would you believe we had just enough!

All in all it was a great time. I didn’t end up taking many pictures once people starting coming (need to work on that) but everyone had a great time.

This might become a new tradition for our household.

How did you celebrate the starting of a new football season?


2 thoughts on “Football is Back!

  1. When the Panthers started in 1995, fans would sing the official Carolina Panther Fight Song “Stand and Cheer” (composed by Duane Evans) every time the team would score. As the first season was played at Clemson University , many fans felt that the song was reminiscent of the collegiate atmosphere those games had.

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