Gallery Wall Completed

Initially I was planning on creating a gallery wall of empty frames in the guest bedroom. To probably no one’s surprise those frames are still sitting in the dresser in that room.

Although I never got around to completing THAT gallery wall, I did end up creating one for Eric’s man cave. Eric has collected tons of Carolina Panther’s paraphernalia from coffee mugs and books to posters and even awards.

It was a random pile of stuff so it only made sense to turn it all into a gallery wall. I also had a shelf from IKEA that included five cubes which was too large for the guest bedroom I was originally planning to hang it in. So we took the boxes off and turned them into a piece of Eric’s gallery wall.


We used a trick on Pinterest where you hang paper on the wall to see how it’s going to look before putting a nail in the wall. I used brown paper bags from the grocery store to do this and hung them up with painters tape to not tear up the walls.

Note, go ahead and mark where to put the nail on the paper before hanging it up. That would have been much more helpful but I forgot.


All in all I think it still turned out pretty good and it was a good way for Eric to show off all of his items. he is not allowed to buy any more Panther’s items though due to the simple fact that we no longer have the room!


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