A Sight to See in Charlotte, NC

A friend of mine came into town and so we looked for different things to do in the Charlotte area. I have lived here for over seven years now and have yet to visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.


To say the place is beautiful is an understatement. I can see why they have so many weddings at this place.

They have what has to be several miles of brick lined with as many different types of greenery and flowers as humanly imaginable. Ninety percent of the plants, I have never seen before.


The layout and landscaping of the place is breathtaking. Every turn is a new scene that just makes you stand back in awe. You almost feel as though you have to whisper not to break the tranquility of the place.


It was such a beautiful day. They had many different fountains and areas of shaded benches where you can sit and rest and take in the gorgeous views.


We even learned about butterflies. This one you would think had a broken wing but actually just broke out of its cocoon and was drying out its wings. Apparently butterflies just don’t come out and fly they have to unroll their wings and sit for hours prior to taking off in flight. They had a spot where you could see lots of different kinds of butterflies fluttering from different plants and if you are lucky they might land on you.


I believe we ended up spending two overs there just walking around for only $10 or $12 a person. I would recommend it for anyone visiting the Charlotte area as well as anyone who lives in Charlotte and has not seen this place. Definitely worth the drive and I expect I will be back again.



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