One Year of Marriage? Check!

Well we finally hit that one year mark a week ago yesterday. Cannot believe that it has already come and gone so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle to the love of my life and best friend.

To celebrate our one  year anniversary, Eric and I decided to take a quick trip up to Childress Vineyards where we got married. Luckily our wedding site is only an hour or so from our house, so a trip to the exact place of our “I do’s” is realistically do-able each year.

Although this is not the best picture, I hope that we have the opportunity to go back to Childress every year on our anniversary to take a picture at the gazebo where we said our vows.

We enjoyed a great meal at the Bistro on site (a must go to if you ever visit) and sat outside for a while listening to the live music and taking in the beautiful day. It was the best way to spend our anniversary.

Later on, once we arrived back home, we opened up our wine box.

This box has sat on our dinning room table for a year now containing a bottle of wine and letters to each other as well as letters from my grandparents and our wedding minister.

I can vouch for not opening the box early. We actually waited till the big day.

So that night we opened the bottle of wine, pulled out our two wine glasses, and read all of the letters.

Eric kept telling me that he couldn’t remember what he wrote in his letter and kept reminding me not to expect much but as usual his letter turned out to be the best one. In usual Eric fashion it was funny and sweet which sums up our relationship.

All in all, our first year was a success. No major drama. No issues. Smooth Sailing. Although Eric and I have been together for quite some time, it’s really amazing to see how well we work together. We support each other in everything. Most importantly, we make decisions as a team which is why I think our first year was such smooth sailing.

I plan on having many more anniversaries where we open a bottle of wine and letters written to each other to reminisce on how the previous year started and to see how much we’ve grown together.

What traditions have you and your husband started?


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