The Season of Yard Sales

Eric and I ventured out into the unknown world of yard sales this year. Eric mostly ventures out alone since I value my beauty sleep on weekends. But when I do go on yard sale trips, Eric always lets me sleep till the last minute and usually has my coffee in hand. He is a sweetie. 🙂

It has been amazing to see the amount of stuff that we have gotten from yard sales. The best find to this day I believe is the chandelier that we got at a home in the Ballantyne Country Club for $30. That’s right… $30! It’s a 15 light chandelier with shades to boot (not shown in picture). We are pretty sure that it came from Restoration Hardware since the shades fit perfectly in the Restoration Hardware box where they are located.

This was actually a purchase from our first yard sale adventure. We thought for sure we would never find something as good… we’ve come close but I think this one still holds the number one spot for best yard sale find. As you can see we have still not had it installed. It’s going to cost more than double the price we paid to get it installed. Craziness…

Eric has also been able to find tons of fall decor and a few Halloween items. Christmas decorations are always available including nice Christmas trees. Why did I pay so much for a Christmas tree in stores? 

We have even been as lucky as to find a wine cooler for $40. Given the fact that I love wine, this may be one of my favorite purchases (pictured above in the corner).

Most recently, Eric found an estate sale that included the following items for purchase: Vitamix, Shun and Wusthof Knives, Breville Toaster Oven, Teavana products, Starbucks French Press, Le Creuset pots, and many other items. Eric ended up coming home with a whole bunch of stuff and only paid $25. Including this wine decanter and kitchen scale. 

All in all I think we’ve done pretty well on yard sale finds. Eric is of course addicted to finding good deals on items so he loves the thought of taking on the cold morning air to find amazing stuff for our house for a fraction of the original cost. I can’t complain myself as I have benefited from all these good finds.

Do you venture out to yard sales?


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