Winter is Coming! Or Maybe it’s Already Here.

So if you are already friends with me on Facebook, you’ve seen this photo and I haven’t had time to take a good one… SO DEAL WITH IT! 🙂

But I am so excited to share with you my latest invention for our home. Let me start this off by saying I LOVE fireplaces / fires. I LOVE the thought of coming home to a real fire with all the crackling sounds, the warm glow of the room, and the smell of wood burning… LOVE!

Eric and I bought a house that does not have a real fireplace. 😦 We have gas logs which are great because it means no clean up like you do with a real fire however I barely ever turn it on because I can just envision our gas bill skyrocketing every second that I leave it on. Plus the fire burns blue which is not reminiscent of my real fire pictures in my head.

While cleaning out our exercise room closet we found a couple candle holders sitting there. I was two seconds from sending them to Goodwill when I came up with the idea. Why not put them in front of the fireplace, behind the screen? It will be like a fire but free of gas charges! DEAL!!

photo 1(1)

I managed to find some mix match candles around the house and immediately set aflame. How wonderful the feeling of a fire… I still get the warm glow now all I need are fire scented candles that crackle (note to self… purchase woodwick candles).

photo 2(1)

It’s a great make-d0 fire that I have lit almost every night because of how easy it is and because of how much joy if brings me. It makes the living room so much more inviting and intimate. Don’t know why I didn’t think of the idea before. Genius.

How are you decorating for winter?


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