Update on Vegan Experiment

So this past week was a tough week. I had a good mind set to begin with making several meals ahead of time on Sunday in preparation for the chaos that is bound to strike as busy season has started.  Currently working on a special project for a client of which consists of lots of take out and late nights. Not good for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

But I’m learning to stand my ground on  few things. One being workouts. I am making sure to work out every day either at lunch or around dinner time as a break. If I don’t workout, my whole day feels off so it’s been nice to maintain some consistency.

I started off decent with the food. I’m doing pretty well eating my lunches and most of my dinners. Going to strive to be more motivated this week to continue to eat my homemade dishes.

I started having a few cravings this week however. Craving for sweets and junk food. I’m sure that is just my body lashing out for eating healthy. But at the same time, it’s been so exciting learning all about new foods.

Do you know what swiss chard is? I didn’t until this experiment and I have come to discover that I love it. Favorite lettuce variety at the moment. Eric picked up mixed green bags from the Farmer’s Market for our salads at lunch time. And I’ve discovered a vegan ranch dressing that is only 20 calories a tablespoon and tastes amazing. I might even love it more than I ever loved ranch to begin with.

I found a blog that I have fallen in love with: Oh She Glows. It’s written by a woman who is also vegan and has amazing recipes. Her story inspires me and her recipes motivate me. I tried three of her recipes this week.

Finally, I discovered what I consider to be the best blog out there.. “Oh She Glows“. This woman is so creative and inspiring. I’ve pretty much pulled all of my dinner and lunch recipes from her blog. This week we are trying her Mushroom Risotto, which smelled ahh-mazing as it cooked. I can’t recommend her site enough. Try the vegan lasagna. It will sound crazy but it was so good that Eric practically finished the whole casserole dish himself!

I promise to take pictures this week of my food and share my findings as I try to keep this up. I definitely see this being incorporated into a permanent life change. And it’s really not so bad!



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