Fresh Eating

So now that it has been about a month after my vegan revelation, I can honestly tell you I am enjoying healthy eating. My only issue with the vegan diet is cheese. I adore and savor cheese. So with that being said, I figure as long as I do not eat cheese often, then I’ll still be on my way to the healthiest version of me.

Even Eric is enjoying the new diet and he is a former meat lover. His favorite meal at the moment is the naked burrito bowl where we make lime-cilantro rice, veggies, salsa, guacamole, and black bean burger topping. It’s so good that we have it almost every other week. Which I cannot complain since I am in love with guacamole and anything avocado based.


I have yet to run out of recipes that are delicious and this has been an adventure finding new foods. I’ve reclaimed my love for cooking and I am proud to say that we use all of our nice kitchen appliances more often.

Vitamix is a great tool and I would recommend to anyone who has the extra funds to splurge. Worth every penny. Made a yummy sun dried tomato basil sauce to go with veggie meatballs, and pasta.


With my handy dandy Breville personal pie maker, I turned my chicken pot pie recipe into a veggie pot pie where I did not even miss the chicken. The crust didn’t turn out as good as the previous but that would be due to the crust I used.


My lunches have consisted of soups, salads, and wraps along with left over green smoothie from that morning.


And when I get a craving for something sweet I turn to my large selection of tea from Teavana or vegan no bakes that are to die for.


I’m feeling better than ever and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

With that being said, Eric and I still enjoy the occasional the burger on special events or while out with friends.

I’m learning to not define myself by a diet. I will eat how I see fit and if that includes a burger one night or parmesan cheese on my pasta then I will. I am not one to succeed with limitations. I consider myself a free spirit that follows her heart. And my heart tells me to eat less animal. So that is what I’m doing and I’m one happy woman in my own skin.


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