A Valentine Winter Mix

Eric asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day several weeks prior to the actual day. We recently received “Kettle Pizza” as a Christmas gift. We had friends over on a abnormally warm day in January and made homemade wood-fire pizza. Since then I’ve been dreaming of another opportunity to use this contraption to make awesome pizza.

I had envisioned a nice large pizza with Quattro Formagio cheese from Trader Joe’s topped with a local grass fed steak, mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese. Sounds good right? Well thanks to the crazy weather here in North Carolina our Valentine date ended in snow that resulted in no pizza.

So instead we settled for a grass-fed burger and bruschetta fries. Yes…. bruschetta fries exist and they are pretty good. The meal still turned out great and it was actually quite nice to be snowed in.

We haven’t gotten snow like this in a while. It came into town in a flash and completely covered anything standing still.


As we made dinner Eric and I enjoyed the snowy background. Bailey hates snow, partially because last time it snowed we thought it was hilarious to throw snowballs at Bailey. Bailey did not find it to be amusing in the slightest.


So with that in mind he was not pleased to see this white stuff on the ground. Especially since he was still due his afternoon walk. So he took that opportunity to fuss at the children enjoying the snow outside to inform them of his displeasure in the situation.


Regardless, we took Bailey on his brisk afternoon walk after the snow stopped. I usually hate winter, but there is something nice about a brisk winter walk at night with the hubby and the pup.

I purchased wine from one of our favorite wineries from our California trip. Castello di Amorosa. Great wine and breath-taking castle.


Eric made me a homemade card which is one of the things I love about him. His homemade cards are always the best. Not because they are pretty or romantic but because they are hilarious whch is what initallly drew me to him… his wonderful sense of humor. I love his humorous cards better than any sappy card found in stores.

We had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend and I hope you and your loved ones did too.


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