Wow… So it’s been a while?

I apparently did not keep up with my promise to post more. Goodness! I haven’t posted in almost 6 months. Slightly embarrassed here.

So much is going on right now. We are currently under a kitchen renovation which is driving me crazy but at the same time it’s so exciting to see all the changes. I am already LOVING my kitchen which now has shiny new front cabinet doors. I’m loving it despite the fact that I currently have torn up drywall as a backsplash and ugly beaten up laminate for a counter-top still. We have run into a couple issues but I will definitely share all that on a future post once it’s FINALLY done (hopefully next week but not holding my breath over here).

The hubby and I are still mainly vegan eaters during the week and then we scarf down all the meat and cheese we can get our hands on during the weekend. Not really but we definitely do not limit ourselves by any means. I’m becoming more and more keen on switching to a vegetarian diet, although the occasional grass-fed cheeseburger sounds good.


(Yes, this is vegan, and delicious)

We have also ventured into gardening this summer. That’s right… shut the front door… I didn’t kill plants. Well… actually, I kinda did, BUT I kept them alive for almost the entire summer, so that counts for something right?


Then we went to Jamaica for summer vacation. After busy season this year, I had the feeling of: I’VE GOT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE.” And that is exactly what we did. We headed down to Jamaica for a nice all-inclusive, sit on your butt and drink fruity cocktails all day, vacation. And it was wonderful. Much needed vacation of absolutely doing nothing but moving from the pool, to a lounge chair, to the beach, and back to the lounge chair. Oh how I would love to be back there now. But I’ll share my review on a all-inclusive family friendly place that we went to.


Finally, I’m still taking more than necessary pictures of my adorable miniature schnauzer Bailey. I can’t help it that he is that cute! He begs for pictures. I’m starting to think that Bailey could be the solution to world peace. Just look at that face!


Summer is now just about over and I am so looking forward to fall along with all the scarfs that I can wrap around my neck.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer so far and hopefully you get to enjoy the little bit left of summer!


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