Watermelon – A Summer Staple


I usually do not buy watermelon on my own because as embarrassing as this sounds, I did not know how to cut it. It’s a watermelon! You can’t mess it up. I have now learned that lesson. Now it’s one of my favorite things.

Watermelon is good on its own, sliced and eaten, but have you tried it in a smoothie? If not, well then you my friend are missing out.

I discovered the wonderfulness of watermelon after receiving one for $1 at Earth Fare due to a promotion they were running. I didn’t even plan on buying one but while I was checking out the woman behind the register said, “Did you get your watermelon for a $1?” And I was like, “What? A whole watermelon for a dollar!?!” So she had another associate grab me one from the produce section and off I went with my whole watermelon in my cart.

Side Note: If you don’t already shop at Earth Fare, it’s amazing. The selection is wonderful but the staff really set it over the top. What other grocery store would remind you about a promotion and then have someone go get it for you? I didn’t even have the coupon! Okay… maybe Publix, but other than that NO OTHER GROCERY STORE.

I thought the watermelon would come in handy over 4th of July weekend since the family was coming down to visit. What says 4th of July better than watermelon? But due to the fact that we had so much food already, the watermelon sat on my counter top until after all guests had left.

That is when I got adventurous after thinking, how in the world are we going to eat this whole watermelon between just the two of us. That’s a lot of watermelon! After doing some googling, because Google solves everything, I found a recipe for a watermelon smoothie:

4 Cups Watermelon

1/2 Lemon*

1/2 Cup Sugar

4 Cups Ice

* I just cut the skin off the lemon and throw the whole thing in there

Blend high until you reach a preferred consistency.

That’s it! And you get a delicious summer treat.

Eric and I even started having it for breakfast in the mornings adding some protein powder and the occasional greens. I will mention however that watermelon does not do a good job of hiding greens. So unless you can deal with that taste, I would not recommend it.

THEN I had the best idea ever… Watermelon Margaritas. Yes… I took it there.

4 Cups Watermelon

1/2 Lemon or Lime

1/2 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Tequila (but if you like it strong 3/4 cup)

4-5 Cups Ice

I got great reviews on the margarita and it’s a fun way to incorporate some real food, which is always my main goal.

Do you have other ways that you use watermelon? I would be curious to know!


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