Gardening 102 – Fruits & Veggies

So I label this blog post as Gardening 102 because we already covered Gardening 101 last year.

As I hear the rain coming down I’m reminded that this means I do not have to water the garden in the morning. Our summer garden is actually coming to a close and we will start preparing our fall garden in the following weeks.

I was able to keep my flowers planted in the front of the house alive for a while until I went on vacation. The plan was to replace the dead flowers which then sat in the pots for weeks before I finally gave up the idea of flowers and threw them in the trash.

I was a little nervous about a garden but excited at the same time on taking on a new adventure. I usually kill plants but I have discovered if you can eat them, then I am more likely to keep them alive! I guess that is because I find them more useful than flowers that are there just to look pretty.

photo 2(4)

Eric and I went to several free gardening classes at our local nursery. Took lots of notes. Bought lots of supplies. Built garden beds. Finally it was time to put the dirt in the beds and plant some produce. We planted cherry, grape, and regular tomato plants, cucumber, zucchini, squash, tons of herbs, and several pepper plants.


We even went as far as to install an irrigation system using an soaker hose and timer among other things. As expected, Eric’s bad luck hit again, this year we had a huge amount of rain. More than any year before and farmers were saying that it made for difficult growing conditions. SHOCKER. Any time we try to do something Eric’s bad luck says TOO BAD.

But we prevailed for the most part. We had an abundance of cucumbers and tomatoes along with fresh herbs for every dish. The squash plant never produced because it was squashed by the zucchini plant (get it!). Now we know for next year that you have to stalk the zucchini plant so that it doesn’t take over like it did this year. In my attempt to save the squash plant, I killed the zucchini plant.

The cucumber plant also was a little out of control but we will plan better for next year. Given all the cucumbers we got, I had to be creative on how to use these cucumbers. I ended up finding a fridge recipe for pickles. Super easy and they turned out great. If you are in the mood for some fresh pickles, check out this recipe.


My favorite was our blueberry bushes. We bought some bushes from a local organic farmer. We bought 3 different kinds so we could have blueberries at different seasons. We started out of with 3 bushes until rabbits decided to have a feast. So we put our original bushes back in the pots we bought them in and bought 3 more. Now we have 6 blueberry bushes which I am excited about blooming next year.



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