Cotton Candy… But Healthy

Cotton candy and healthy are two words that should never go together… or should they?

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Earthfare, I have now found a new favorite treat. While doing my usual grocery shopping, I decided to grab a grape from the sample display. I casually popped one in my mouth on my way to the banana isle and literally stopped in my tracks. The taste was that surprising. I turned around and read: “Cotton Candy Grapes.”

Say what?? YES This does exist. I could not believe my own taste buds but the grape tasted just like cotton candy (but without the sticky sugar fingers). And it’s a grape so of course this makes it a healthy snack. It’s cotton candy that is literally good for you.


I was so excited about this discovery that I went around the store telling everyone about how delicious they were. To my amazement everyone else in the store was as equally excited. Well… Almost. I was going up to strangers asking if they had tried the grapes. Even convinced one family to put a bag in their cart. I may or may not have gone a little overboard. 😉

After coming down from my sugar high, I started to process everything. I noticed that on my bag of grapes there was a 4 numbered PLU. This means that the grapes are not organic. I immediately started to panic, wondering if these grapes were too goo to be true. Could they be GMOs?

If you know me personally, you would know that I have a huge disdain for Monsanto as well as genetically modified organisms. It’s the main reason why I buy 99% organic produce. I did some research when I got home and found that the grapes are not GMOs but rather a result of cross-pollination. Phew! I got a little worried there.

Everyone who has been at my house has been forced to try these green goodies. I expect they may be my new way to snack, especially for those 3 PM sugar cravings.

When the going gets tough… eat some cotton candy grapes and release your inner 5 year old.


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