Wife Lessons – Year 2 Reflections

photo (3)

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Probably because I needed more lessons than I cared to share.

And I’m learning that you find wisdom in the most unexpected places. At my hair appointment this last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting an older woman who shares the same wedding day as me. While Eric and I are celebrating 2 years today, she will be celebrating 35 years of marriage. Crazy.

Her advice was to always remember that you will have good years, bad years, and okay years. I couldn’t agree more.

As Eric and I have reached our second year anniversary I can honestly say that year two was harder than year one. Maybe it was that year one was filled with so much newness that we didn’t get a chance to really did into the details? Or maybe it was the year two brought more outside struggles that affected our marriage. Either way I’ve learned some lessons many times the hard way.

I’m still learning how to handle my anxiety and learn to be patient in uncomfortable situations. I think this has the biggest affect on our marriage. And yet, I have the most wonderful man as a husband, in the midst of my chaos. He supports me. He uplifts me. And I can only hope that I do the same.

We’ve struggled through my stress and anxiety. We’ve struggled through finding time for each other. Continuing to learn how to balance life priorities. Through everything this year I can honestly say that I am still happily in love. I cannot wait to get home to see my husband every day.

We have good days. We have bad days. We have okay days. But I know in my heart that this is the man that I am supposed to be standing beside through the rest of my life on this earth. And for that, I am truly thankful. Not everyone can say they have found that person yet. So I try and remind myself how lucky I truly am.

So with that, I’m going to enjoy a glass of wine from our Childress Syrah bottle we laid aside from our last year anniversary. A tradition that we will continue to keep. Last year we wrote letters to each other. And this year we let the time slip away. So this is my letter to you Eric. I will love you always.


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