Got Tomatoes? Make Some Sauce.

I am still in shock that our tomato plants are still producing fruit. I have not done a thing to these plants, other than water them, for the past two months and they are still providing ample amounts of tomatoes.

I expect however that these days will come to an end as we are nearing the fall season with cooler temperatures. But until then, I’m going to keep enjoying the fruits of my no-so-much labor.

photo 1 (3)

We had a huge amount of tomatoes recently. After seeing a blog post for fresh tomato sauce, I decided to give it a second go. Eric and I attempted fresh sauce before after seeing a vendor at the Matthew’s Community Farmers Market create a savory sauce with only one pan. Well needless to say our first attempt ended up in a watery attempt of a tomato sauce. It was still tasty, just a bit on the watery side.

I think I found the key: you have to de-seed the tomatoes. Well that makes sense! That cuts out half of the water! That explains it. So this time, I made sure to remove all the seeds / juice from the tomatoes prior to cooking. This involved quite a bit of labor and time; mainly because most of my tomatoes were cherry tomatoes which involved a lot of scooping.  It was definitely worth it though.

photo 2 (2)

I got the tomato sauce recipe from the Oh She Glows blog. I used my fresh tomatoes along with my fresh basil (another item that has limited days left).


This recipe is so easy and delicious. It’s definitely worth trying (even with the labor of de-seeding the tomatoes).


3 thoughts on “Got Tomatoes? Make Some Sauce.

  1. I am too lazy to seed. With roma tomatoes (give them a try if you want to make sauce, since they are drier), I just throw them in the pot. With other tomatoes, I cut them in half and squeeze them over the sink before adding them. This gets rid of much of the water and a few seeds. Then I just plan to cook them a long time, several hours. No problem with watery sauce, just cook longer.

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