Use What You Have – Vegetable Stock

I cannot believe that I ever spent $4 or more on organic vegetable stock. Of which, I might add, I do not even like the taste. Boxed vegetable stock has the most odd taste to to me for some reason.

After reviewing my blog subscriptions one night on Newsblur (my new fav site), I found a post on making your own veggie stock. It literally could not be easier than one, two, three. And… it tastes 10X better than the store bought stuff. Plus… it’s free! You can’t beat free.

1.) Keep all your excess / discarded fruits and veggies throughout the week in a bag or bowl in the fridge.

photo 1(5)

2.) Once you have a good amount, pull them out and put them in a crock pot with water just above the produce.


3.) Cook on low heat in the crock pot for about 8 hours. Note: The longer you cook it, the sweeter the broth will be.

photo 2(6)

The blog recommended having some sort of sweetening product like an apple or carrots. I luckily had some apples from left from last week, so I threw an entire one in along with some onions, tomato, carrots, and peppers. You can even throw in left over starches like potatoes.

To get more information on the “in’s and out’s” of making your own vegetable stock check out this blog. You will find so much great info on how to season your broth, how different veggies affect your stock, and other methods of making broth. It’s a great resource.

I decided to keep some fresh stock in the fridge since it lasts for a week and then I stored the rest in individual containers to be placed in the freezer and pulled out as necessary.

photo 4(1)

If you are wondering why there are band-aids on the island, well… I cut myself. It’s not a successful day in the kitchen unless you cut yourself at least once. Not to mention I ran into my sofa for some unknown reason and severely injured my quad. How do you do that? Only I would do that. So needless to say, it was quite an eventful Sunday.

I plan on making veggie stock a Sunday ritual from now on. It takes little to no effort and again… it’s free. It allows me to use every bit of produce I buy without waste. Love it.

Next, I challenge you to do the same. What will you do with your veggies…


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